2019 AMPO Planning Tools & Training Symposium

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In 2017 AMPO launched the first ever Planning Tools and Training Symposium. The purpose of the symposium is to assist in meeting the diverse set of needs of our membership. While there are several conferences and training opportunities available to the transportation planning community, the needs and requirements of MPOs are unique. The AMPO Planning Tools and Training Symposium is tailored to the requirements of MPOs as well as the challenges associated with meeting such requirements and structured to meet the needs of small, medium, and large MPOs. The symposium brings together MPO staff and practitioners to share information on a variety of MPO technical issues and provided peer-to-peer training for the MPO community to discuss challenges, opportunities, and implementation strategies with regard to current planning tools and applications. The goal of the symposium is to identify (or share) MPO best practices; provide practical training; and develop materials that can be shared across the MPO community.

The symposium takes place over the course of two and a half days and consists of multiple roundtable workshops. The workshops are divided into two tracks: Core Functions and Hot Topics. The Core Functions track is developed with junior staff in mind and seeks to provide practical training by topic area (i.e. MPO process and products, public involvement/environmental justice/Title XI, performance management, etc.). The Hot Topics track is developed with senior-level staff in mind and provides peer-to-peer exchange and training opportunities to discuss the state of the practice, innovation, and identify efficiencies.

We are excited for this year’s dynamic program that includes 24.5 approved AICP credits!
2019 AMPO Symposium Agenda
2019 AMPO Planning Tools and Training Symposium Speaker Biographies (3)

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Transit MPO Collaboration Presentation and Roundtable Discussion
2019-05-07 AMPO IMPO-captions2
Collaboration and Innovation in the Houston-Gavleston Region May 2019_AI
Tailoring Federal Transportation Planning Requirements & Products to Meet Your Region’s Needs
Tailoring Federal Requirements — RPerrin TYLI (2019 AMPO Symposium)
MPO Roles and Relevancy
Leveraging UPWP Funds at a Mid-Sized MPO to Support Local Planning
CRTPO_Achieving Consensus in Discretionary Policy 5.6.19
MSP Regional Travel Behavior Inventory Program
FHWA PEL presentation May 2019
Land Use Transportation Connection
Forecast+Backcast2020 Lupton Metroplan
ARC – AMPO Truck Parking Session 05-07-19
GS ampo pres 5-7-19

MPO Board Presentation Skills
MPO Board Presentation Skills Session
Data and GIS
Mapping Pedestrian Facilities in the Greater Philadelphia Region_ AMPO Symposium 05_19 (1)
Public Involvement, Title VI, Environmental Justice, and Equity in Practice
Public Involvement Statute Regulations Executive Orders May2019
Rethinking 1-94 A New Vision for Integrating Transportation and Community
Equitable Planning Environmental Justice and Equity 2019 UPDATE
Future of Transportation Mobility
Twin Cities Metro Flows
TNCs _ Congestion AMPO 20190508
Addressing Emerging Technologies in MPO Transportation Plans – David Haynes
AMPO National Framework for Regional Vehicle Connectivity and Automation Planning
Managing Transportation Unknowns JRaw
GS ampo pres 5-7-19

Regional Bicycle Planning

Low-Stress Bicycle Network
AMPO_MC-MnDOT_May 2019-ver FINAL

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