San Antonio Could Gain 1.1 Million New Residents, But Making the Right Preparations Depends on How City Officials Interpret the Numbers

Posted on January 3, 2019 arneson-river-theater_tags-Arenson_river_La-Villita

“As San Antonio continues its unprecedented growth trajectory, city officials and developers have thrown around a staggering projection — that Bexar County stands to gain 1.1 million new residents by 2040.

It’s an impressive figure; one derived from U.S. Census data. And it’s intended, no doubt, to jar residents from complacency as Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s appointed committees work up potential solutions for housing, traffic, jobs and other expansion-related issues.

After all, what could be more disruptive than 1.1 million newly arrived millennials, looking for tech jobs, demanding downtown housing and further jamming up our morning commutes?” Read more here.