Performance Measures

AMPO Conversation with USDOT on Transportation Performance

AMPO held a webinar with USDOT on March 18, 2013 to provide an opportunity for members to discuss the new performance management requirements in MAP-21 and pose questions to USDOT.

We also received performance measure updates from staff at three MPOs: Coastal Region MPO in Savannah, GA; Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission in Columbus, OH; and Sacramento Area COG in California. These MPOs described their current approach to performance based planning and how they anticipate that will fit in with the new MAP-21 requirements. Members asked questions about expectations for MPO coordination with partner agencies, data collection and availability, flexibility, impacts to existing planning schedules, and more.

The presentations are available here.

The recording is available here.


Webinar: MPO Performance Based Planning Activities

AMPO held a webinar for members on MPO performance measures on November 6, 2012. MAP-21 will put in place a performance based planning approach that requires states and MPOs to set performance targets in support of national goals and develop plans and select projects that will help achieve the targets. The webinar highlighted MPO use of performance measures in the planning process.

Webinar recording


  • Brian Hoeft,¬†Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Presentation
  • Brian Fineman,¬†North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority