New MPOs & TMA Designations

MPO 101 Educational Series

AMPO held three webinars for new MPOs in November 2012. This MPO 101 Educational Series was designed for staff who will be instrumental in forming new MPOs based upon the March 2012 Census Bureau urbanized area designations. The webinars provided information that was presented at the 2012 AMPO Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. The webinars were sponsored by AMPO and FHWA.

What the Heck is an MPO?, November 1

This first webinar in the series, ”What the Heck is an MPO?,” was ideal for new MPO staff and board members.  It provided a general introduction to the metropolitan planning process, the importance of the MPO decision-making process to the community, and the Federal requirements that MPOs face.



  • DeLania Hardy, Executive Director, AMPO
  • Craig Lyon, Coordinator of the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions

Air Quality & Transportation Planning/Modeling, November 8

The second session in the series, “Air Quality & Transportation Planning/Modeling,” delved into the basics of air quality and transportation planning and modeling. This included: the Clean Air Act, EPA’s air quality designation process, nonattainment area planning requirements, State Implementation Plans for air quality, regional transportation conformity, the Congestion Management and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), emissions modeling, and travel modeling for air quality purposes.



Rich Denbow, Director of Technical Programs, AMPO

Managing an MPO, November 15

The third webinar in the educational series, “Managing an MPO,” examined the day-to-day activities that go into operating an MPO, including working with the state, transportation operators, interacting with your board, and working with partners, including the public. It explored the daily operations of the MPO with hosting arrangements, staffing, state reimbursement, and producing your work program. The session provided the basic steps that a new MPO will need for the first year to satisfy federal requirements and get the ball rolling.



  • Fernando de Aragon, Executive Director, Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council
  • Donna Gardino, Coordinator, Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System