• Greensboro Urban┬áMPO’s Higher Education Area Transit (HEAT) Project — The MPO teamed up with the Greensboro Transit Authority, and other stakeholders to create a new bus service, connecting 8 college and university campuses. The HEAT project was funded mainly by grant money from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program and by the colleges and universities, who committed financial resources to ensure that students rode for free. In the first academic year, the six HEAT bus routes carried over 130,000 passengers. This project demonstrates that through a strategic application of resources and by leveraging community support, a project can create long lasting benefits for the community. Link to Project
  • The Texas Transportation Institute conducted a study in 2008 that provides nationwide examples of funding mechanisms for mass transit projects. Link to Study
  • A Study on the social and economic outcomes of light and commuter rail projects by the Texas Transportation Institute reports their impact on metropolitan regions nationwide. Link to Study