Smart Growth

  • Mainstreaming Transit-Oriented Development in the Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process – Peer Exchange Report from a Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program meeting in Albuquerque, NM in June 2009.
  • Sacramento Area Council of Governments 2035 Plan — SACOG is an association of local governments in the six-county Sacramento Region. The Plan, also known as MTP2035 is the first transportation plan for the Sacramento region that purposely links transportation to a smart growth land use pattern. SACOG used state of the art modeling technology and robust public outreach to develop a plan to invest $42 billion into travel options for the region. In conjunction with hosting 17 regional workshops to work with the community on important transportation issues.
  • The Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO / Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Jefferson Area Eastern Planning Initiative. The initiative is a TCSP project and will culminate in a modeling tool called CorPlan that is capable of evaluating transportation and land use options.
  • The Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) program. Launched in 1998, the TLC’s goal is nurturing innovative strategies to support livable communities throughout the Bay Area. TLC supports plans and projects that strengthen the link between transportation, community goals, and land use by providing funding and incentives for programs that encourage pedestrian, transit or bicycle trips, and promote the compact development of housing in downtowns and regional activity centers.
  • Furthermore, the MTC conducted a 10 year evaluation of the TLC program: MTC 10 Year Evaluation
  • Understanding and Applying the Concept of Sustainable Development to Transportation Planning and Decision-Making in the U.S. [PDF]
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