Performance Measurements

  • A comprehensive sysnthesis of state DOT performance measurement plans and reports, including links to websites and documents. Link (pdf)
  • AASHTO Standing Committee on Performance Measurement offers these recommended safety performance measures in its May 2009 report. Link (pdf)
  • National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 20-68A on best practices in project delivery management.  Includes an overview and analysis of performance management systems in Virginia, Missouri, Utah, Arizona, and Washington. Link (pdf)
  • A somewhat older, but still useful, 2004 review of performance measurement best practices prepared for the Tennessee DOT. Link (pdf)
  • A literature review of context specific solutions (CSS) performance measures.  Examines 14 state programs in 2006. Link (pdf)
  • Report that summarizes the findings of an August, 2009 peer exchange in Washington, DC, sponsered by FHWA and AASHTO.  Covers establishing performance measures and setting targets for pavement and bridge preservation. Link (pdf)
  • A 2004 FHWA report on the advancement of performance metrics internationally, specifically looking at Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan. Link (pdf)
  • From AASHTO, a primer on highway-based performance management, using examples from several states, including California, New York, Maryland, Florida, and Montana. Link (pdf)
  • FHWA primer on safety performance measures to be utilized during the transportation planning process. Link (pdf)
  • A 2007 AASHTO report detailing SDOT projects from nine states in terms of cost and schedule performance. Link (pdf)
  • TRB Performance Measurement Committee triennial report. Link (pdf)
  • Washington state DOT report on GPS-based freight performance in urbanized areas. Link (pdf)
  • White paper on performance-based management from 2009 AASHTO CEO Leadership Forum in Minneapolis, MN. Link (pdf)