NCHRP 8-36 Reports

NCHRP project 8-36, Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning, was established to provide a flexible, ongoing program of quick-response research to develop improvements to the analytical methods, decision-support tools, procedures, and techniques employed by practitioners to support statewide and metropolitan transportation planning, programming, and development

NCHRP 8-36 reports are available at AASHTO’s website. Several reports of interest to MPOs are listed below. To access these and other NCHRP 8-36 reports, visit

NCHRP 8-36 Task 2 —Final Report
Mainstreaming Management and Operations into Transportation Programs Development: Guidance for Institutional Change
April 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 4 —Final Report
The Use of Expert Panels in Analyzing Transportation and Land Use Alternatives
April 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 5 —Final Report
Transportation Planning Market Research Notebook
March 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 6 —Draft Final Report
Product Delivery of New and Improved Travel Forecasting Procedures
July 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 7—-Final Report
Development of a Multimodal Tradeoffs Methodology for Use in Statewide Transportation Planning
October 2004

NCHRP 8-36 Task 9—-Final Report
Particular Matter and Ozone Attainment Status of Metropolitan Area of the United States
September 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 11—-Final Report
Technical Methods to Support Analysis of Environmental Justice Issues
April 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 14 —Final Report
Consultation Between State Departments of Transportation and Local Elected Officials In Non-Metropolitan Areas
June 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 21 —Final Report
Expediting the Transportation Planning and Project Development Process to Meet Fast Paced Customer Requirements
August 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 23—Final Report
Review of the Potential Feasibility of Using Alternative Revenue Sources to Fund Future State Transportation Needs
July 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 26—Final Report
Surface Transportation Safety and Investment
July 2002

NCHRP 8-36 Task 28—Final Report
Rural Conformity: A Survey of Practice
October 31, 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 30 —Final Report
Intermodal Freight Connectors: Strategies for Improvement
August 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 31—Final Report
Elderly Issues in Transportation
October 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 32—Final Report
Tools, Techniques, and Methods for Rural Transportation Planning
January 2004

NCHRP 8-36 Task 33—Final Report
Best Practices in Statewide Freight Planning
October 2003

NCHRP 8-36 Task 43—Final Report
Return on Investment to Freight Rail Capacity Improvement
April 2005

NCHRP 8-36 Task 53—Final Report
Changes in Travel Behavior/Demand Due to Managed Lanes (HOV, HOT) Facility System Expansion
October 2006

NCHRP 8-36 Task 58—Final Report
Best Practices for State and MPO NHS and STP Programming  
February 2007

NCHRP 8-36 Task 63—Final Report
Best Practice Methodology for Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for Transportation Programs and Projects
June 2007

NCHRP 8-36 Task 76—Final Report
Conference on Best Practices in Meeting SAFETEA-LU Requirements in the Statewide Transportation Planning Process
June 2007

NCHRP 8-36 Task 78—Final Report
Small Community Research and Peer Exchange
March 2009

NCHRP 8-36 Task 85—Final Report
Congestion Pricing and Investment Requirements
June 2009

NCHRP 8-36 Task 90—Final Report
Best Practices in the Use of Microsimulation Models
April 2010

NCHRP 8-36 Task 94—Final Report
Integrated State and Local Government Policy Approaches to Transportation and Climate Change
July 2009