• Atlanta Regional Commission Freight Mobility Plan — The development of this data-driven, policy-based Regional Plan was essential to the identification and prioritization of improvements that accommodate mobility of both people and goods while mitigating the negative impacts of freight movement on congestion, safety, and communities. A lot of the success of this plan relied on the dialogue between public decision makers and private sector freight stakeholders. For part of the study, Class 1 Railroads, local distributors, retail representatives, and developers worked with county and city planners on understanding the implication of local regulations, ordinances and permitting processes for freight mobility and freight transportation facilities. Link to Plan [PDF]
  • Wichita Area MPO’s Railroad Crossing Plan — Examines safety and congestion issues at almost 300 railroad crossings in the region. Located near the geographic center of the United States, WAMPO’s planning area sees a vast amount of rail freight pass through the region. As rail freight and population both increase, there has been a rise in concern over safety and congestion at rail crossings. Link to Plan [PDF]