Travel Modeling

MPOs have been developing and implementing improvements to traditional travel forecasting methods in response to legislative and regulatory requirements. While federal programs have been established to provide advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ forecasting models, such methods are still largely at the research and development stage, and are not yet available to assist MPOs in the immediate challenges they face.

The mission of the AMPO Travel Modeling Work Group is to promote and share the travel forecasting methods presently being implemented at MPOs, to develop guidelines for defining acceptable standards and practice, and to identify high priority research and development needs.

The Work Group has provided a forum since 2002 in which modeling improvements under development by research agencies or individual MPOs can be shared, with the goal of incorporating proven improvements into standard MPO practice as expeditiously as possible.  The group meets approximately twice a year in person and routinely conducts additional discussion through conference calls and emails.

TRB Report on Travel Forecasting: TRB Special Report 288, Metropolitan Travel Forecasting: Current Practice and Future Direction, examines metropolitan travel forecasting models, explores what improvements may be needed to the models and how federal, state, and local agencies can achieve them.

Knowledge Base of Travel Modeling Resources and Research from MPOs

The AMPO Travel Modeling Work Group has established this repository of MPO-sponsored research on travel modeling.  The links below present work products that are well worth sharing with the MPO community. AMPO is requesting additional research material from MPOs as well as modeling peer review information.  Please send information

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (Washington, DC) 2006 Travel Forecasting Research:

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (Washington, DC) 2007 Travel Forecasting Research:

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (Washington, DC) 2008 Travel Forecasting Research

Atlanta Regional Commission - TAZ Disaggregator: Zapping and Disaggregation of Socio-economic Data using GIS.

Atlanta Regional Commission - Review of Land Use Models: MPO Surveys and Evaluation of Land Use Forecasting. Draft Report, 2006.

Atlanta Regional Commission - Literature Review on the Application and Development of Land Use Models. Draft Report, 2006.


Baltimore Metropolitan Council Model Peer Review

Travel Model Improvement Program - MPO and state DOT Peer Reviews

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