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Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

Funding a project with a MPO:

Inside an MPO:


Broward MPO

The Broward MPO, in partnership with the Palm Beach MPO and South Florida Commuter Services, has produced a video that explains what a MPO is and how regional transportation projects in Broward get funded.

Broward MPO’s Core Products

Video: What is an MPO?


Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning shared examples of the public outreach for their On to 2050 regional transportation plan development process.

CMAP ON TO 2050 Alternative Futures 5.2017

CMAP ON TO 2050 Challenges Opportunities 5.2017

CMAP Priorities Report Final


The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, COMPASS
What is COMPASS?


Memphis Urban Area MPO

The Memphis Urban area MPO produces its Annual Outreach Report, which describes its public participation process and engagement techniques for the past year.

Memphis Urban Area MPO Outreach Report

MPO 101 explains what an MPO is and the functions of an MPO:  Memphis MPO 101 2016_FINAL

Memphis 2040 RTP outreach – Bus Ads

Examples of the MPO Outreach Process for the development of their regional transportation plan:  Memphis RTP 2nd Public Meetings FINAL

MPO Livability Videos:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

TIP Video:

2017-2020 TIP

2011-14 TIP


Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization

Miami- Dade Transportation Planning Organization Video


FHWA Case Studies and Notable Practices

Recently, FHWA recognized case studies and notable practices in public engagement.  Several States DOTs and MPOs are recognized, include the Memphis Urban Area MPO for the development process of their regional transportation plan:

•      23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 450 Subpart C—Metropolitan Transportation Planning and Programming  

•      United States Department of Transportation Administration (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration

•      USDOT Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Public Involvement and Outreach             

•      USDOT FTA Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

•      USDOT FHWA Environmental Justice

•      USDOT FHWA Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of


•      USDOT FHWA and FTA Public Involvement Techniques, Chapter 1:  Informing People Through Outreach and Organization, Section A:  Including People Who Are Underserved by Transportation, Subsection a:  Ethnic, Minority, and Low Income Groups and Subsection b

•      United States Department of Homeland Security A Guide to Interacting with People who have Disabilities   

•      USDOT FHWA and FTA A Guide to Transportation Decision Making 

•      USDOT FHWA Public Involvement Techniques for Transportation Decision-Making