Public Involvement Working Group

The AMPO Public Involvement Working Group supports public involvement in metropolitan transportation planning that meets federal requirements and strengthens the delivery and stewardship of programs, projects, and the transportation system.    

•      Provide a forum for communications and sharing of public involvement best practices, guidance, and resources that support:
•      Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in meeting federal requirements related to public involvement.
•      MPOs in efficiently integrating public involvement into their programs, projects, and activities in a way that uses resources effectively.
•      Public involvement practices that build public trust and relationships, and gain participation from a diverse group of stakeholders.
•      The use a wide range of public involvement strategies, techniques, and methods to meet the diverse needs of MPO stakeholders, projects, programs, and activities.
•      Identify opportunities, challenges, needs, and emerging issues in public involvement.
•      Communicate and share best practices, guidance, resources, and activities with other AMPO committees and at AMPO events, as appropriate.

Leadership Group

•      Linda Alvarado-Vela, Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
•      Melissa Roberts, Atlanta Regional Commission
•      Chris Ryan, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization
•      Amanda Wilson, North Central Texas Council of Governments

AMPO Contacts
•      Rachel Roper: or 202-624-3682
•      Tiffany Currie: or 202-624-3686

•      Kick Off Meeting – April 17, 2017
•     Quarterly Meetings/Webinars:

4.2017 PIWG Meeting Summary

PI Working Group – April 2017 Meeting Slides