Public Involvement Working Group

Mission The AMPO Public Involvement Working Group supports public involvement in metropolitan transportation planning that meets federal requirements and strengthens the delivery and stewardship of programs, projects, and the transportation system.

Goals Provide a forum for communications and sharing of public involvement best practices, guidance, and resources that support:

  • Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in meeting federal requirements related to public involvement.
  • MPOs in efficiently integrating public involvement into their programs, projects, and activities in a way that uses resources effectively.
  • Public involvement practices that build public trust and relationships, and gain participation from a diverse group of stakeholders.
  • The use a wide range of public involvement strategies, techniques, and methods to meet the diverse needs of MPO stakeholders, projects, programs, and activities.

Identify opportunities, challenges, needs, and emerging issues in public involvement. Communicate and share best practices, guidance, resources, and activities with other AMPO committees and at AMPO events, as appropriate.

Leadership Group

  • Melissa Roberts, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Anthea Thomas, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Amanda Wilson, North Central Texas Council of Governments
  • Helen Wiles, Dover/Kent MPO

AMPO Contact

  • Bill Keyrouze:
  • Leslie Reardon:

2020 Webinars and Activities

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: Monday, March 9th at 2:00 PM ET
Presenters:  Fleming El-Amin and Jody McCullough from FHWA
Topic:  Public Involvement and Resources Related to Title VI and Environmental Justice. They will provide an overview of what Environmental Justice means at FHWA and share helpful resources on policy and public participation.

To listen to the webinar click here.

AMPO PIWG Webinar_EJ Presentation March 9, 2020

2019 Webinars and Activities

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: December 9, 2019 at 2:00pm

Presenters: Abby Hemenway the Public Involvement Officer at Space Coast TPO and Jeff Kramer the Senior Research Associate at the Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida.

To listen to the webinar click here

AMPO Working Group Presentation_AbbyHemenway

AMPO PI Working Group CUTR PI Presentation [clean] (1) (1)


Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: September 16, 2019 at 2:00pm

To listen to Webinar click here

Doing a lot with a little – no videos

Speak up Broward Presentation


Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: June 10, 2019 at 2 PM EST     

PIWG_June 2019 FINAL

AMPO presentation_061019 (1)

NYMTC Regional Planning Corps (4)

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: March 11, 2019 at 2 PM EST

PI Working Group – March 2019 Meeting Slides

Alamo Area MPO PI Evaluation 31019

Alamo Area MPO PMVisionZero

2018 Meetings and Activities          

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: December 10, 2018 at 2 PM EST

MTC and ADAG – Vital Signs Presentation

PI Working Group – December 2018 Meeting Slides

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: September 17, 2018 at 2 PM EST

PI Working Group – September 2018 Meeting Slides

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Communicating Regional Performance Measures for Southeast Michigan Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study Annual LRTP Report Card

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: June 11, 2018 at 2pm EST

PI Working Group – June 2018 Meeting Slides

Houston-Galveston MPO – June 11 Coughlin Public Outreach Presentation

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: March 12, 2018 at 2pm EST

PI Working Group – March 2018 Meeting Slides

Des Moines Area MPO – MPO Communications Plan

Des Moines Area MPO Experience – Communicating Performance Measures

2017 Meetings and Activities

Quarterly Meeting/Webinar: December 11, 2017 at 2pm EST

PI Working Group – December 2017 Meeting Slides

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Informational Handout

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Summary Handout

Memphis MPO Promotion, Information, & Engagement

Memphis MPO 2016 Annual Outreach Report

Memphis MPO Public Participation Plan Survey Questions

 2017 AMPO Annual Conference Public Involvement Working Group Meet and Greet

2017 Annual Conf Photos PIWG Meet & Greet

2017 Annual Conf Photos Public Involvement Sessions

  • Quarterly Meeting/Webinar:  September 11, 2017

PI Working Group – September 2017 Meeting Slides

CAMPO PI Working Group Webinar

Introduction to the Boston Region MPO

  • Webinar – June 12, 2017

6.2017 PIWG Meeting Summary

2017-06-12 AMPO PI Working Group Webinar Rockwell

  • AMPO Planning Tools and Training Symposium Public Involvement, Title VI, Environmental Justice, and Equity in Practice provided attendees with an overview of public involvement practices, including federal requirements, public participation plans, environmental justice & Title VI, and community engagement evaluations.  The session included presentations, interactive activities, and open discussions, with a focus on sharing practical examples of facilitation techniques, outreach methods, as well as an emphasis on connecting attendees with one another.

Title VI EJ and Equity

Regulations Exec Orders and Policies in Practice

Strategy and Messaging

PI Evaluation

  • Kick Off Meeting – April 17, 2017

4.2017 PIWG Meeting Summary

PI Working Group – April 2017 Meeting Slides