Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Working Group

AMPO Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (C/AV) Working Group

In 2017, AMPO mobilized a C/AV working group to serve as a focal point for metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to engage with U.S. DOT on C/AV programs, policies, and issues.

While the pace of C/AV technology deployment is uncertain, eventual deployment sometime in the near future is inevitable. Therefore, it is essential for those agencies responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining, operating, and funding the transportation system, including State Departments of Transportation (State DOTs), MPOs, transit agencies, local governments, and toll facility owners and operators to be engaged in discussing the timing and implications of this new technology for the planning process, system performance, and investment decisions.  To facilitate the deployment of technology, which could have profound effects on our landscape and mobility, new roles and responsibilities are being defined and new and/or modified planning tools and analytic techniques are under development.  New technical, institutional, and policy issues associated with deployment of C/AV technology will continue to emerge as deployment moves from test beds to general use applications.

A mechanism for MPO engagement, communications, outreach, and capacity building to monitor and support United States Department of Transportation’s (U.S. DOT) C/AV programs could add substantial value to U.S. DOT’s C/AV outreach and deployment initiatives. Awareness of C/AV guidance, issues, and deployment status will benefit state, metropolitan and local transportation planning agencies with responsibility for planning and delivering federal-aid transportation programs and projects. A roadmap could help define the current and desired state of the practice, identify knowledge gaps in responding to C/AV infrastructure needs and leveraging system performance, safety and environmental benefits, and recommended steps and actions for incorporating C/AV projects in the performance-based planning and programming process.


  • Provide a mechanism to build technical, institutional, and policy capacity of MPOs with their partner state and local agencies to leverage the benefits of deployment of connected and automated vehicle technology to the performance based planning and programming process.
  • Address knowledge gaps and provide a forum for MPOs with their partner state and local agencies engaged in transportation planning to educate and expand awareness of the nature and status of C/AV deployment, and of current and emerging technical planning issues, institutional and policy challenges.
  • Support the U. S. DOT outreach and engagement by providing a mechanism for support and feedback on planning-related guidance, research, and training and technical assistance needs associated with deployment of connected and automated vehicle technology


Work Group Meetings:

The working group will hold four meetings, which will culminate in a national symposium.  The meetings will focus on MPOs, but will include participation from other C/AV stakeholders, such as State DOTs and industry.  The objective of these meetings is to have a mechanism to develop a National Road Map to increase awareness among State DOTs, MPOs, and local transportation agencies of transportation planning-related C/AV issues, opportunities and challenges, and implications for the transportation planning process.  The meetings will provide FHWA with a mechanism for outreach on C/AV planning-related guidance, and program and policy initiatives.  The meetings will provide an opportunity for MPOs to discuss and identify the necessary training, information, and tools for deployment and implementation.  In addition, they will allow participants to build technical capacity, identify the state of practice, and develop effective practices.

National Symposium:

The products and materials developed by the work group, including the white papers and the National Road Map, will be presented at a National Symposium on C/AV planning hosted by AMPO.  The Symposium will be open to the transportation planning community and AMPO will coordinate with its sister organizations to elicit additional presentations.  The target date for the Symposium is summer or fall of 2018.

White Papers:

AMPO will prepare four white papers on C/AV related topics identified with input from work group members and recommendations from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  The topics of the first three white papers will provide the foundation for each of the first three work group meetings.  The fourth white paper will combine the first three white papers and outline a National Outreach and Planning Implementation Plan, which will complement the work of the Connected/Automated Vehicle Research Roadmap prepared for AASHTO under the NCHRP 20-24 (98) project.

Participation on the Working Group

Work group members were selected to represent the diversity of MPOs nationwide and based on existing efforts in C/AV activities at the MPO.  The size of the work group is limited by the available travel funding.  This website is intended to not only provide a resource to work group members, but provide the opportunity for non-work group members to keep up with and provide feedback on work group activities.

Work Group Meeting #1:  April 4-5, 2017

The AMPO C/AV Working Group held its first meeting from April 4-5, 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  The group was hosted by the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs.  This meeting identified current policy, practice, and activities at MPOs, challenges and needs, opportunities, and next steps.

-C/AV Read-ahead Packet from Meeting #1 – Compilation of existing/ongoing C/AV efforts at various government agencies, institutions, and private industry.

CAV Resources 4.2017

CAV Read-ahead Packet April 2017

-Presentations from Meeting #1

Whitepaper #1

FHWA CAV 040417

ARC CAV 040417

CDTC CAV 040417

Metroplan CAV 040417

Metropolitan Council CAV 040417


PSRC CAV 040417


Working Group Meeting #2: July 31 – Aug 1, 2017

The AMPO C/AV Working Group held its second meeting from July 31 – August 1, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio in coordination with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s (AASHTO) Conference on Performance‐Based Transportation Planning, Financing, and Management.  The meeting focused on the opportunities and challenges of navigating regulatory concerns in C/AV development and implementation, partnership opportunities between State DOTs and MPOs, and the risks associated with C/AV deployment and implementation.

Whitepaper #2

For more information on the AASHTO Conference on Performance‐Based Transportation Planning, Financing, and Management click here.