2018 AMPO Annual Conference Presentations

Breakfast with Host Spotlight

Alamo Area MPO -  Welcome Presentation


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Other Emerging Technologies

AASHTO – Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Other Emerging Technologies
Federal Highway Administration – Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program
Fehr and Peers – The Need for Countermeasures
Florida DOT – Planning for the Future(s)
ICF – Scenario Planning for Connected and Automated Vehicles
RSG - Planning for Future Mobility In a Performance-Based World


Coordination and Collaboration

Federal Highway Administration – Improving Partnerships and Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges
Hillsborough MPO – Vision Zero – One Traffic Death is Too Many
Metropolitan Transportation Council and Association of Bay Area Governments – Taking the Pulse of the San Francisco Bay Area – Together


Complete Streets (Part 1)

Corpus Christi MPO – Bicycle Mobility by Design in Corpus Christi, TX: Lessons Learned Through Implementation
Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization – Everyone’s City: Crafting the MAPO’s Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan


Complete Streets (Part 2)

Bryan/College Station MPO/Halff Associates – A Case Study for Linking Town and Gown – The Plan for University Boulevard
FHWA Guidebook for Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity
Houston-Galveston Area Coucil – Using Transit Needs Indices to Address Service Gaps
ICF – Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity
Metro Analytics/Mountainland AOG – Introducing


Data Applications

Alamo Area MPO – Data Application Magical Maps
Thurston Regional Planning Council – Amtrak 501 – How a Speeding Train Brought Washington to a Standstill
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada – Congestion Management Process (CMP) 2018 Update
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada – 2018 Congestion Management Process Report



Broward MPO/Cambridge Systematics – Establishing MPO Freight Project Priorities as Input to Florida DOT’s Work Program
Broward MPO/Whitehouse Group – The Benefits of Creating an MPO Freight Advisory Committee
COMPASS – Using Readily Available Data to Understand Freight Mobility and Land Use Needs in a Growing Region


From Response to Recovery:  How MPOs are Taking Steps to Prepare their Regions to Recover from Disaster

Saratosa/Manatee MPO - Smart, Shared and Social: Enhancing All-Hazards Transportation Recovery Plans with Transportation Demand Strategies
Sarah J. Siwek & Associates - Smart, Shared and Social: All-Hazards Transportation Recovery Plans
Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission/Strafford MPO – Kittery MPO, Stafford MPO, Rockingham MPO


From Smart Cities to Smart State:  Collaborating in Transportation Technology Projects

Texas DOT/University of Texas – Innovation Across Texas


Implementation of Performance Metrics to Guide Better Decision Making

Alamo Area MPO – Performance-Based Planning for Safety in a Vision Zero World
Capital Area MPO/Freese & Nichols – Performance-Based Project Selection
Consortium for Scenario Planning – How performance-based planning can facilitate adaptive plans and resilient places
Florida DOT/Florida MPO Advisory Council- Collaboration to Support Performance Target Setting and Achievement


Increasing Safety and Reliability through Transportation Incident Management Programs

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Traffic Incident Management in the DVRPC Region
Federal Highway Administration – Traffic Incident Management: Program Overview
Metropolitan Transportation Commission – Partnering Towards Data Driven TIM in the SF Bay Area
North Central Texas Council of Governments – North Texas Regional TIM Program
Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission – Federal Highway Administration Traffic Incident Management



ITS America – Shailen P. Bhatt, President & CEO


Land Use/Transportation Connection – Right-sizing Transportation Investments: A New Opportunity for MPOs

Gateway Planning/North Central Texas Council of Governments – Right Sizing Transportation Investments
Genesee Transportation Council – Right-sizing as an Asset Management Technique
Metro Analytics – Right Sizing and MPO’s Aligning Legacy Infrastructure with Today’s Economy


Let’s Talk Resilience: Integrating Resilience into the Planning Process

Federal Highway Administration – Integrating Resilience into Transportation Planning
Hillsborough MPO – FHWA Resilience & Durability to Extreme Weather Pilot Program
Houston-Galveston Area Council – Planning for a Resilient Houston-Galveston Region
Mid-America Regional Council – Climate Resilience Planning in Metro KC


MPO Operations, Roles, and Relevancy

Boston Region MPO – Adapting to Performance-based Planning and Programming
Broward MPO/Whitehouse Group – A Transportation Planning Guidebook for MPO Partners
Center for Urban Transportation Research/Stantec  – Reconsidering the Regional Transportation Decision-Making Framework in the Tampa Bay Area
National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board – One MPO’s Journey in Rethinking Long-Range Planning


Public Involvement (Part 1)

Alamo Area MPO – How to reach hard to reach populations
Boston Region MPO – Beyond Outreach: Engaging the Public to Develop a Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden (DI/DB) Policy
Broward MPO – Public Engagement 101: Checking Boxes vs. Creating Connections


Public Involvement (Part 2)

Martin MPO – Effective Community Engagement in a Small Area with Diverse Populations
MetroQuest/Burns McDonnell – Definitive Online Public Engagement Checklist


Return on Active Transportation and Practical Approaches to Transit Investment and Prioritization

Metro Analytics – Economic Benefits of Active Transportation & Complete Streets


SHRP2: Lessons Learned from Capacity Efforts and Next Steps

Atlanta Regional Commission – SHRP2 Lessons Learned from Capacity Efforts and Next Steps
Federal Highway Administration – SHRP2 Capacity: Lessons Learned and Incorporating Results


Technology with a Purpose:  Planning for Real People and Real Problems

City of San Antonio – San Antonio’s Safest Driver Contest


TPM Implementation

Boston Region MPO – Growing into Performance Management at the Boston Region MPO
Cambridge Systematics – Transportation Performance Management: Practical Considerations for MPOs
Federal Highway Administration/Federal Transit Administration – Transportation Performance Management (TPM) & Performance-based Planning (PBPP) Tools and Resources


Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO)

Carma – Automated Vehicle Occupancy Verification
Federal Highway Administration Resource Center – Mainstreaming TSMO into Performance-Based Transportation Planning
Metro Analytics/Mountainland AOG – The High Cost of Free Freeways (and How to Create the Political Will to Manage Access)
National Operations Center of Excellence – The SPaT Challenge: Local Pilots of National Significance


VisionEval Peer Exchange

Atlanta Regional Commission – Atlanta Exploratory Scenario Planning 2050
Capital District Transportation Committee – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Planning for the Regional Land Use Vision, CDTC, the Albany NY MPO
Federal Highway Administration – VisionEval Pooled Fund Partnership
Oregon DOT – Statewide Transportation Strategy for GHG reduction
OSA – Vision Eval Models
VisionEval Peer Exchange Full Presentation