AMPO Conference Presentations

2019 AMPO Conference Presentations

8:30 am  Pre-Conference AMPO/AASHTO Environmental Justice Workshop
Presentation_EJ+Public Involvement-AMPO_2019 Autosaved
3 EJ – AMPO Presentation_FHWA_YCPC_10.11.19

Breakfast Speaker: Levon Boyagian
Lev Boyagian – Federal Surface Transportation Policy Update – Oct 2019 Conf

10:45 am Complete Streets: Best Practices and Case Studies
Complete Streets Intro – Amy Cummings
Trail Study Presentation – Joseph Boyd

10:45 am Future of Transportation: How to plan for a rapidly changing world
Blackshear & Opstelten USDOT Mobility and Accessibility Resources and Activities
AMPO_2019_Gayle_Future Mobility (3)
Farrell AMPO Dockless SMD v2

10:45 am FHWA Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program Roundtable
TPCB Roundtable AMPO 2019 Annual Conference October 2019 v4

Lunch Speaker: R. Earl Lewis Jr., MDOT Deputy Secretary
AMPO PP Update REL 10.23.2019 (1)

2:00 pm MPOs Roles and Relevancy:  Innovation in the Planning Process
Pollack MAPC_CTPS_2019AMPOCommunityMobilitySlides_2019Oct20
Lowder Updated AMPO Conf. – Oct. 2019 _Final
Covington, AMPO

2:00 pm Future of Transportation:  Best Practices or Case Studies
Grace Gallucci, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency – Presentation Pending
Spiers AMPO_PTV_Oslo

3:30 pm Accessibility:  Access to Employment, Services and Facilities
Carlson & Vennewitz – Met Council & UMN
Grace Gallucci, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency – Presentation Pending

3:30 pm Future of Transportation:  Best Practices and Case Studies
North Florida TPO (Jeff Sheffield) – Smart North Florida Data Exchange Presentation 10-23-19

3:30 pm Environmental Justice
Sergio Ritacco- AMPO 2019 – TPB EJ Phase II Results
Schuck & Lychak AMPO 2019_BMPO Equity Assessment_v3

Breakfast Speaker:  Greg Cohen, Greyhound Lines
Intercity Bus Planning Issues (1)

9:00 am Small MPO’s Part I
East To West Coast HTS Coe & Rosenson
Wuzhati Champaign-Urbana Region Freigth Plan CCRPC AMPO NEW
Baker Hall County Micro Transit Study

9:00 am MPO Merger/Organization Issues

10:30 am MPO & State Coordination Roundtable
TPM Workshop 11062019r (1)

10:30 am Small MPO’s Part II
Beltran Martin MPO
Amy Martin – Measuring Public Participation Methods Final
TUCKER AMPO 2019-How millennials got their groove back-CT

10:30 am Funding and Financing:  Creative Funding Options
Gies & Ball AMPO PPT – BMPO Funding Programs – 10-16-19 – FINAL
An Introduction to Innovative Financing and Targeted Technical Assistance
Manca. IFP Training Presentation for AMPO

1:45 pm Performance Measures: Data
Brown & Corales AMPO 2019 -Moving Project Priorities from the 1950s Into the 21st Century – RB ACC
Upchurch 2019 AMPO Presentation 2019-10-18
Zibers – AMPO Presentation

1:45 pm  Scenario Planning:  Best Practices
Zissman Updated TRB 2019 Slides_20191023
Stith ScenarioPlanningBestPractices
Freguson & Elliot

1:45 pm  Public Involvement:  Challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned
Updated Howard & Cook AMPO_MWCOG_Howard_Cook Final
Allie Blazosky AMPO 2019 FINAL
Kramer Public Involvement AMPO Presentation 10-10-19

3:30 pm  Performance Based Planning and Programming: Best Practices and Examples of Implementation
Burch_AMPO 2019_upd
AMPO2019_DualHighwayPRSA_Mullenax (1)
20191011 AMPO – Regional Safety Target Setting Increases MPO Board Engagement_2

3:30 pm  Interregional Compacts
Charlotte Region NAMPO Session October 2019 (1)
Lemon BGKY Multimodal Plan AMPO Presentation
HV AMPO Presentation 102419

3:30 pm  Future of Transportation: Impacts of Disruptive Technologies
AMPO Exploratory Scenario Planning Parkins_Thomas_v2
Planning Can’t Forget Freight – AMPO

9:15 am  US DOT Spotlight
AMPO Oct 25 slides
Draft_AMPO_Data Presentation_101819v3