2017 AMPO Annual Conference Presentations

Active Transportation Part 1

Active Transportation Part 2

CAV Part 1

CAV Part 2

Coordination and Collaboration Part 1

Coordination and Collaboration Part 2


Environmental Justice Part 1

Environmental Justice Part 2

FHWA Spotlight


Land Use

MPO Operations

Performance Part 1

Performance Part 2

Public Involvement Part 1

Public Involvement Part 2

Response, Resiliency and Recovery

Scenario Planning

Transportation and Health


Sample Proposals from the 2017 AMPO Annual Conference
As proposals are developed for the 2018 AMPO Annual Conference, here is a small sample of proposals that scored highly and were included in panels at the 2017 AMPO Annual Conference.

Sample Proposal – Boston Region MPO
Sample Proposal – Atlanta Regional Commission
Sample Proposal – Corpus Christi MPO